Video Transfers

From VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, DV Tape to DVD
$19.99 for the first tape on a disk.
$5 for each additional tape added to the same disk.
Typically we can get up to 4 hours on one disk with little to no quality loss.
-For excample, if you have 3 one hour tapes the charge to you would be $19.99 for the first tape
-to start the disk, and $5 each for the two additional tapes for a total of $29.99
As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.


Photo Restoration and Editing

From your Photos, Negatives or Slides. Large Format Negatives and Chromes Too!
Prices begin at $25, Most work can be done for around $40. Occassionally there are the $100 and up ones too.
All work is estimated before you comit. We will meet and talk and give you a clear idea of what can and
can't be done.
The Photo Editing
works the same way. Pictures can be enhanced, objects, people, wires, etc. can be
removed, and if you want to be creative with your photos we can do that too!


Phone: 973-851-8899 or Click Here For Inquieries and Orders: